Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quick Little MAC Haul

 I haven't ordered anything from MAC in soo long!! I got a couple things I've wanted for a while and a few new limited edition items.

I bought Well Dressed Blush and Sketch Eyeshadow. These are the two I've wanted for a long long time. Well Dressed is a pale pink blush with a satin finish and the slightest trace of silver shimmer. I've seen this blush on ladies of nearly all skin tones and it always looks beautiful! Sketch is a deep red plum color with a ruby shimmer. 

Sketch and Well Dressed. Sorry it's a bit blurry
I also bought two new limited edition Mineralized Eyeshadows from the Apres Chic Collection. I bought Fireside and Silver Birch.

Fireside is one of those duochrome red-brown/teal shades that I love so much. I couldn't resist! It is absolutely STUNNING! Silver Birch is a light taupe silver shade with lots of gold sparkle. I'm not going to lie, part of the reason I bought this one was because it looks like a planet. Both of these shadows are more subtle when applied dry, but when used wet they are more pigmented.

Fireside Wet/Dry; Silver Birch Wet/Dry
I'm so excited about all of these! I'm going to use them all in a look tomorrow, and hopefully I can make a video :)

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