Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Depotting Urban Decay Primer Potion

A couple weeks ago, I saw that Hautelook was having an Urban Decay event where everything was 50-65% off. I decided to finally try out the Original and Sin versions of UDPP, which were being sold in the genie bottle packaging for $9.

Knowing the issues people have had with the bottle packaging, I decided to depot it when it arrived, but didn't want to use a jar for fear it would dry out the product. I decided to pick up a couple empty squeeze (lip gloss) tubes and 10 ml syringes from TKB Trading (they sell each for less than $1).

Step one was cutting the bottom of the bottle with a sharp knife

I then used the applicator to spoon the product into the syringe. I cut the bottle again in the middle and kept emptying out all the product.

Once all the product was out, I took off the syringe cap and replaced the plunger in the bottom. I took one of my lip gloss tubes and shot the product into the tube. Once all the product was in the tube I screwed on the plastic slanted applicator.

The whole process went beautifully! I was worried it would be a messy disaster. Now I have a full sized amount of product for half the price in easy to use packaging!


  1. What a great idea, putting them into lip gloss tubes! Looks like it worked perfectly for you, I wish I could do this with mine...just need to get some empty tubes I guess. They look like they could be lip gloses haha!

  2. This is such a great idea, definitely going to try! Has it been working out well for you so far in these tubes?


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