Wednesday, February 16, 2011

REVIEW: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

Here is my review of the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation. It is retailed at $29.50 and available at MAC stores, some department store counters, as well as online at I've had this foundation for a little over a week now, so I think its about time to give my initial review of this product.

I can definitely say it is my favorite foundation I have ever used. Keep in mind that I haven't tried that many. There maybe 4-5 that actually come to mind. But this is definitely my favorite so far.

First: the color. I purchased the shade NW15, and as you may have read in my haul post when I first got this product, I ordered it online, which means I had to guess which color would suit me. I am usually the lightest pink toned shade in foundation lines, so that is what I picked out. When I initially swatched it on my hand, I was a little worried that it would be a tad too orange for me. But once I applied it onto my face, it matched really well.

I really like the packaging for this foundation. I like how the squeeze tube helps prevent waste (little side-note: you do get more product than regular foundations. It's 40ml instead of 30ml. Just saying). As for application, I have been applying  a VERY small amount of the foundation with my Sigma Sigmax F82 brush (the round-top foundation brush) and I really like the finish that gives me, as well as the fact that a little goes a long way. I find that it doesn't take too much work to blend into my skin, as long as I use a dense brush. Then I build up the coverage a bit by dabbing it on  areas that need concealing (this foundation has pretty much replaced my normal concealer). The product claims to be a medium buildable to high coverage, and I quite agree. The finish looks really natural. It's not too dewy, not to matte. I set it with my MAC MSF Natural. To see it on my skin, check out my latest FOTD post.

Left: Unblended swatch; Right: blended it;
On me, this foundation will last about 6-8 hours. I've not had an issue with it oxidizing on my skin, which is good. I seldom have to touch it up or blot. The only time that I had to was a day where I forgot to apply my primer so the oil broke through the foundation a little quicker than normal. I am testing it out with a setting spray to see if that lengthens the wear-time of this foundation.

I had read reviews from people who claimed that this foundation broke them out. I have combination skin, and I do have issues with acne, nothing too severe but the problem is still there. So after a week of testing this foundation, and knowing what is normal for me in terms of breakouts, I don't think this product has had any affect on my skin.

So that is my in depth review of the MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NW15. I am loving this foundation so far however if I experience any catastrophic changes due to this foundation I will let you all know immediately. I hope that this is helpful for anyone looking for a new foundation and are thinking of trying this one out. Also, if you have tried this product out, leave a comment and let me know what you think :)

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