Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Haul 02.08.11

I placed an order through MAC last week and it got here this morning. I had been putting off buying these items for a white but I finally gave in.

I picked up Studio Sculpt in NW15 and Pinch O' Peach blush.

Now, I had promised myself that I was not going to buy a MAC foundation until I had finished the ones I already had. I had been using Revlon Photoready foundation for almost a year and I really really don't  like it. I kind of knew I wouldn't like it from the first time I tried it, because when I put it on my face, though it covered alright, there was just too much glitter everywhere. I just never got around to returning it, so I was determined to use it up. I have about 1/4 of that bottle left, but I just really don't think I want to finish it.

So I caved and bought Studio Sculpt. The reasons I picked this over Studio Fix Fluid or any of their other full coverage foundations was 1.) I wanted it to be something that wasn't very dupable (like SFF is to Revlon Colorstay), and 2.) from what I've heard, SFF has a tendency to turn orangey, and on my extremely pale skin that would look awful.

I've only used it once but for a first impression, I'm really happy with it. I love the finish, there's no damn GLITTER, and is photographs beautifully! I'll do a more in depth review after about a week to see if my skin reacts to it. But the color matches me perfectly, which I was a little nervous about, since I did buy it online. It's weird, though, because on the back of my hand it looks about half a shade too dark, but it matches my face really well. I don't know.

Pinch O' Peach is a beautiful and flattering as it is decieving. They named it Pinch O' PEACH, but there is not even a hint of peach in this blush. It is straight pink. It's a sheertone color, so it just gives a lovely flush to the cheeks that is nearly impossible to overdue. In the picture to the left, I did a heavy swatch  and a sheered out swatch to show what it would look like on the skin. If you'd like to see what it looks like on my cheeks, take a look at my FOTD post below :)

I think that about covers everything for now <3

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