Thursday, February 10, 2011

REVIEW: MAC Eyeshadows

I'm going to do a little review on my MAC shadows. I've only been buying from MAC for about 5 months,  but I've been really impressed with their products. I'm not an expert on their products, by any means, but I have formed opinions about them.

Left: Burmese Beauty Quad; Right: Showstopper, Skintone 2,
Burmese Beauty, and Prized
First MAC product I ever bought, and by far my favorite, is the Burmese Beauty Quad from the Fabulous Felines collection. These shadow are super blendable and compliment one another beautifully. The colors are more suitable for fall/winter, but I can see myself using this year round. I can make a lovely bright gold look with this, but my favorite way to wear it is the red brown/teal shade called Burmese Beauty (the most unique shade I have ever seen, as well as my favorite eyeshadow of all time. I am a total sucker for duochrome) on the lid, Skintone 2 (the neutral gold, and my favorite gold ever) in the inner corner, Showstopper (dark plummy brown shade) in the outer crease, and Prized (highlight shade, which matches my skintone really well, and just gives a nice sheen) on my brow bone.

Left: Custom 4 Shadow Quad; Right: Satin Taupe, Trax,
Beauty Marked, Blanc Type 
The other shadows I have I bought as a custom palette. I bought the shades Blanc Type, Satin Taupe, Trax, and Beauty Marked. Blanc Type is soooooo super smooth in texture and blends effortlessly. I use that either all over the lid for a matte neutral look, or on the brow tone for a subtle highlight. It's pretty much the highlight shade of my dreams. It doesn't show up in the swatch picture that well because it is so closet to my skintone. Satin Taupe, which of course has a bit of a cult following, is a frosty silvery brown shade (though in the swatch  it looks warmer. It's the lighting). It also is incredibly smooth and great for on the lid or in the crease. Trax is a really interesting shade, and the swatch doesn't quite do it justice. Its a medium plum shadow with gold glitter. It's gorgeous but I don't use it as much as I'd like.

Beauty Marked is as intriguing as it is temperamental. In the pan, it's stunning, and it catches my eye every time I see it. But when you swatch it (normally, at least) it comes off as a black with maybe three specks of red/purple glitter, and when you try to use in on the lid, the glitter kind of falls off. You either have to apply it wet or over a dark base to get it to show up. But as you can hopefully see in the swatch, I was able to swatch in a way that shows off how gorgeous it can be. You're going to think I'm crazy, but I just ever so lightly scratched the shadow with my finger nail (just to kick up enough shadow to use in swatch) so it becomes sort of loose. I've not tried using this technique on the lid, so I'll make an update on that when I do. Unfortunately, this is about the fullest to it's potential that I have been able to get it.

So, that is what I think about the shadows I own. Overall I really do love these shades, and am planning on purchasing more in the future.

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