Sunday, March 20, 2011

Liebster Award! / Challenge Days 07 and 08

The lovely V from Carpe Diem has given me the Liebster award!! I just want to say to her thank you soo soo much again!!

The idea behind the Liebster award is to recognize bloggers with fewer than 300 followers and deserve some recognition. The bloggers I am nominating are :

  1. Laura, of Pink Swoon
  2. Whitney Laura
  3. Beth, of Beauty Marked
All three of these ladies are lovely, and I highly recommend you go check out their blogs!

So I was naughty yesterday, because I completely forgot to do my daily challenge post, so I will do both yesterday's and today's now. It actually works out well because the topics are related to one another.

What is your favorite eyeshadow color?

MAC Burmese Beauty!!! It's beautiful!! It came out with the Fabulous Felines collection last fall in an eyeshadow quad (named Burmese Beauty) and as soon as I saw the swatches for it I fell in love. It can be redddish-brown if used lightly or a beautiful bright teal when packed on the lid. It is a dupe for Club eyeshadow, which I do not own, but it is still a stunning shadow and I love wearing it.

What is your favorite daytime look?

I actually use my Burmese Beauty quad to make my favorite daytime look. I use the shadow Burmese Beauty all over the lid to really show off the duo-chrome. I use the gold shade Skintone 2 in the inner corner, Showstopper in the outer corner, and Prized on the brow bone. If I want to go from day to night, I deepen the outer corner with Bulletproof by Sugarpill and then layer more Burmese Beauty over top of it. When layered over the black, the teal really shines through.

I will take a photo of me wearing this look when I can find my memory card.

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